Trade Secret Law

What Is a Trade Secret?

A trade secret is any information that a business possess that is not shared or known among other organizations in the industry. This might include secret supplier information, processes, systems, methods, or techniques. 

Unfortunately, businesses often suffer loss or advantage from their secret getting leaked to the outside. A stolen or leaked trade secret could easily cost a company millions of dollars and countless hours of work.

Former or current employees might be guilty of spreading a trade secret, as may a rival within the industry who discovers it. Our San Diego trade secret lawyers at The Mirkhan Law Firm, APC have extensive experience in business litigation and understand the complexities involved in trade secret law. We are here to protect your business.

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How Can We Protect Your Trade Secrets?

When you come to our San Diego trade secret lawyers for help, we can provide assistance in a variety of ways. We can provide seasoned legal guidance and counsel toward preventing misuse of your trade secrets by taking preventative measures.

First, we can help you draft and review a non-disclosure agreement, which is a contractual agreement between two parties about keeping the secret confidential. Similarly, we can help ensure that your employment agreements effectively protect your trade secrets. We can also guide you through the process of filing a copyright application.

If your trade secrets have been stolen or used improperly, we can pursue justice on your behalf through litigation. We will not hesitate to fight for you and help recover what you’ve lost.

Aggressive Representation and Effective Solutions

Protect your business with our help; our San Diego trade secret lawyers are prepared to help you navigate whatever situation you face. For 18 years, we have worked tirelessly to help our clients obtain cost-effective and productive results, regardless of how complex the situations may seem. We always look out for the best interests of our clients, providing them with responsive legal advocacy from beginning to end.

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