Business Fraud

Our San Diego Fraud Lawyer Can Help You Achieve Justice

Fraud cases are serious, both because there are serious legal consequences, and also because fraudulent actions can cause businesses to lose a significant amount of money.

According to The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), companies around the world lose approximately 5% of their revenue annually to fraud. Small businesses are at an even greater risk, and tend to lose even more.

At The Mirkhan Law Firm, APC, we handle all types of business-related fraud cases, whether your business is the victim of another’s fraudulent actions, or if you are being wrongfully accused of fraud. We understand all of legal complexities surrounding fraud, and how to effectively defend your rights.

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What Are the Different Types of Business Fraud?

Common types of business fraud include:

  • Embezzlement: Also known as “larceny,” embezzlement is when someone within the company allocates some of the business’ earnings for their own personal use.
  • Payoffs: Also known as a “kickback” or bribery, this form of fraud occurs when someone pays another company or entity money in order to secure a certain advantage or influence their decision-making.
  • Skimming: Skimming occurs when employees or an employee inaccurately records the company’s revenue, and instead, takes some of the money for himself/herself.
  • Internal Theft: Internal theft refers to an employee taking a company’s supplies or goods.


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What Is Fraudulent & Negligent Misrepresentation?

Fraudulent Misrepresentation

Fraudulent misrepresentation is the term for lying to another individual in order to secure an agreement with them that results in their harm. For example, a company might lie about the services they will provide in order to secure a client, or a business partner might lie about their intentions when forming a partnership contract.

Negligent Misrepresentation

Negligent misrepresentation is not technically considered fraud, as someone might commit misrepresentation due to error, rather than the intent to deceive. Someone may be sued for negligent misrepresentation if they told another party something that they had no reasonable grounds to believe was true, making them negligent.

Innocent Misrepresentation

Finally, someone might have committed “innocent” misrepresentation if they communicated something false that they did have reasonable grounds to believe was true. If you or your business has been wrongfully accused of fraudulent misrepresentation, our San Diego business fraud lawyers can help prove your innocence.

What Is a Fraudulent Transfer?

Fraudulent transfer refers to a business or individuals’ attempt to hide assets from a creditor so that they won’t be seized during bankruptcy. For example, someone might place funds in an account under a different name so that they won’t be found, or they might begin selling assets or otherwise hiding them.

If it is discovered that you are committing this type of fraud, it may seriously jeopardize your ability to discharge debts in bankruptcy. Additionally, if a business makes a sale that results in them becoming insolvent, and then subsequently pursues bankruptcy, that can be considered fraud.

Because it can sometimes be difficult to discern whether a sale or transfer of assets is considered “fraud,” it is imperative that you secure legal representation. The Mirkhan Law Firm can help you understand the laws associated with this type of fraud and help you avoid making a great error.

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Justice Is Our Goal!

Whether your business has fallen prey to another’s fraudulent actions, or whether you have been falsely accused of fraud, we are here to help bring matters to a just resolution.

Our business litigators are not afraid to fight aggressively on your behalf; we have faced Fortune 500 companies head-on and have even represented clients against some of the country’s most prestigious law firms. With an approximate 92% success rate for all cases handled, our San Diego fraud lawyer, Mr. Mehrshad Mirkhan, is prepared to handle your case.

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