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At The Mirkhan Law Firm, we understand that a high stakes case deserves the best legal representation possible. When it comes to federal court, home to some of the most complex, high-value cases, including multimillion dollar contract disputes and litigation over intellectual property rights, the stakes do not get much higher. With extensive experience with federal litigation cases, our firm knows how to best protect our clients’ rights and secure a favorable case outcome in the face of federal litigation.

What Are the Differences Between State Courts and Federal Courts?

There are two kinds of courts in the United States: state courts and federal courts. State courts are established by a state and federal courts are established by the federal government under the United States Constitution to resolve disputes between citizens of different states and disputes involving the Constitution and laws passed by Congress.

The main difference between state and federal courts deals with jurisdiction. States have broad jurisdiction, meaning cases that individual citizens are likely to be involved with, including traffic violations, contract breaches, and criminal violations of state laws, will be tried within state court. Lawsuits against the United States involving federal laws, violations of federal criminal law, bankruptcy, antitrust, patent, and copyright must be heard in federal court.

Federal courts have jurisdiction to hear the following cases:

  • Cases in which the United States is a party
  • Cases involving violations of the U.S. Constitution or federal laws
  • Cases between citizens of different states (known as diversity jurisdiction) when the amount in controversy exceeds $75,000
  • Bankruptcy, copyright, patent, and maritime law cases
  • Disputes between states

In some cases, both federal and state courts have jurisdiction. In this situation, the parties would choose whether to go to state court or federal court. It is also possible for a Defendant to remove a case to federal court if the right conditions exist.

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Why Hire a Federal Litigation Attorney from Our Firm?

If you find yourself in a situation where you require a federal litigation attorney, you will need to secure a lawyer that is knowledgeable, skilled, and trial-ready. Federal court litigation is much more complex than state court litigation and it is extremely important that you be represented by competent counsel when in federal court. 

Here are some reasons why our clients trust us to help them navigate these types of cases: 

  • Extensive experience litigating federal cases
  • Strategical representation tailored to federal court
  • High case success rate
  • Proven trial-lawyers
  • Committed to delivering justice
  • Unwavering dedication to our clients
  • Personalized representation

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