Frequently Asked Questions

Answers from Our San Diego Business Litigation Lawyer

Business law can be a difficult legal field to navigate through, especially without the assistance of an experienced litigation attorney. At The Mirkhan Law Firm, our team is dedicated to helping our clients come up with effective solutions for their business law matters. Our business litigation attorney in San Diego takes a sophisticated approach, and works closely with you to come up with the most favorable solutions possible.

Does a business dispute always have to be resolved through litigation? 

No. There are alternatives to litigation, also known as alternative dispute resolutions. These methods include arbitration, negotiation, or mediation. Here at The Mirkhan Law Firm, we have helped clients reach favorable resolutions and have gained a track record of success through the use of all these methods.

What is the difference between mediation and arbitration? 

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution method involving a neutral third party who serves to facilitate a peaceful discussion in order to reach a resolution that is favorable for both parties. Arbitration is also an alternative resolution method to litigation that utilizes a neutral third party. It is the third party's responsibility to listen to both sides and make a decision—which is usually legally binding. Our team has extensive experience serving as both the mediator and the arbitrator for clients.

What is a breach of contract? 

When a business contract is made, it is expected that certain obligations are fulfilled by all parties involved. When a party fails to fulfill their end of the agreement, a breach of contract has occurred. A breach of contract may entail a party failing to perform their duties on time, not performing their duties in accordance with the terms of the agreement, or not performing their duties at all.

Is it recommended that I hire an attorney? 

When it comes to pursuing legal action—especially cases that involve disputes—it is suggested that you do not try to work through matters on your own. Going up against a business partner, corporation, or dealing with a breach of contract can be complex matters. With hundreds of cases and over 15 years of experience under our belts, you can trust that we know what it takes to get favorable results, no matter how complex the case may be.

What sets our firm apart from the rest? 

Unlike other firms, our team does not just try and win every case we handle, although we have demonstrated a history of success in doing so. Rather, we believe that a client cannot obtain a favorable outcome for their situation until justice has been pursued on their behalf. We handle every case like a chess match, because we believe that every move counts in order to achieve a satisfactory end result.

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Our firm has taken on numerous cases that were viewed as "unwinnable" by other attorneys, demonstrating our ability to handle even the most challenging cases. Regardless of if your situation calls for negotiation, arbitration, mediation, or litigation, rest assured that we possess the skills necessary to assist you.

For any other questions that you may still have regarding business law, do not hesitate to contact our firm