Construction Litigation in San Diego

Construction litigation in San Diego can arise in different contexts. Sometimes there will be a dispute between an Architect and an Engineer. Sometimes there will be a dispute between a Contractor and a Subcontractor. Other times there will be disputes between Homeowners and Contractors, Project Managers and Contractors, Developers and Contractors, Municipalities and Contractors, and a variety of other players.

These disputes generally arise based on constructions related claims that arise during the inception, performance, and completion of construction projects. Some of the most common construction-related claims include:

Common Construction Law Claims:

  • Disputes between Architects and Engineers
  • Construction defects and errors
  • Breach of the Construction Contract
  • Delay in the completion of the Construction Project
  • Disputes involving scope and parameters of Construction work
  • Construction Bid disputes
  • Disputes between Subcontractors and Contractors
  • Claims involving Construction safety issues

The above is a sample of the many claims and disputes which can arise in the construction industry and for which San Diego construction attorneys can provide valuable help. Generally, lawyers can be consulted as soon as the signs of a construction dispute is observed. With proper legal counsel and immediate attention to the issues which tend to escalate Construction disputes, it is possible to find common ground between the parties and if that is not possible, multiple dispute resolution mechanisms may be utilized to minimize the disruption of Construction work and allow for a speedy resolution of the dispute.

The Mirkhan Law Firm has consistently provided top-class representation to litigants in the construction industry with an emphasis on finding mediated solutions to complex problems. Construction-related disputes can now be referred to our San Diego business litigation office for immediate analysis and legal consultation.

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