Unfair Competition Is Threatening many San Diego Businesses

Are you a victim of Unfair Competition in San Diego County? Do you believe that another business is unfairly taking advantage of your business? Do you believe that your trade secrets are being unfairly used to gain a competitive edge against your business? If so, you are not alone. Many business owners in San Diego County feel the same way. In this era of modern technology and fast paced on-line advertising, gaining a competitive edge has become the number one goal of many businesses. This goal by itself, is completely normal and legal. However, when means that are illegal or border on illegality, are used to achieve this goal, then the issue becomes a legal question worth exploring.

But the business owner, with an untrained eye, should never come to legal conclusions without submitting the issue to competent legal counsel. California’s Unfair Competition Law is complex and has its peculiarities. The evidence proving unfair competition can be extremely difficult to discover and even if discovered, it would be extremely difficult to decipher such evidence. These issues require the assistance of a San Diego business lawyer. Experienced business litigators can be hired to gather and examine the evidence of Unfair Competition in Business transactions. Once the evidence is gathered and legally analyzed, San Diego Business Lawyers will determine whether your business has been a victim of Unfair Competition and what would be the best legal course of action to stop the offender.

But the key in this process is the realization that you as a business owner, cannot and should not make your own conclusions with respect to the issue of Unfair Competition. Time and time again, business owners have come to regret their failure to retain a top class business law firm when facing issues of unfair competition. We at the Mirkhan Law Firm can determine when Unfair Competition has occurred and what legal remedies should be used to fight it.
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